Material Reycling Awareness Conference in Gujarat
May 6, 2020

Awareness and Financial Inclusion Drive in Maharashtra

18th January, 2020, Thane, Mumbai: GemCorp in collaboration with UNDP India conducted an awareness drive for behavioural change and financial inclusion in ____. The key objectives of this initiative were to get the workforce to open a bank account and make them realise the importance of a bank account, an insurance cover and maintenance of personal and business-related documents.

The campaign was organised at Shilphata Mahape Road, Opposite Hotel Alliance, near Achar Gali, Thane, Maharashtra on 18th January, 2020. The event began at 10:00 am and was inaugurated by Consulate General of Belgium Mr. Pierre Emmanuel, who attended this campaign along with embassy delegates.

The Account Opening drive was conducted in collaboration with HDFC: The attendees were provided training on opening an account, procuring loans for their personal/business needs, the documents that thebBank may normally seek for completion of their KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure etc. We also tried to address some common queries on the topic.

Awareness Drive: All attendees visited two of our established collection centres in Shilphata. People working in other collection centres across Mumbai were also invited to attend the campaign at Shilphata. The major agenda of the campaign that were covered were:

  • Documentation: Attendees were educated on the need to maintain important personal identity and other documents vital to doing any business, the purpose of purchase/ sales invoices, GST certificate, licence under Shops and Establishment Act etc.
  • Adherence to Minimum Wages Act: A brief introduction of the prevailing law and entitlement of a labourer to minimum wage fixed by the Government such that a basic standard of living is maintained. Further, also enlightening attendees that violation of the act with regards to minimum wages, working hours etc. are punishable offences.
  • Discouraging Child Labour: We made them aware about the importance of following the regulation and also made them realise that their moral responsibility to ensure that there is no child labour at the work place.
  • Important of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – The attendees were educated on the importance of PPE. Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, shoes, mask etc. in the workplace are meant to ensure the physical safety, as well as safety from exposure to germs and infections that waste pickers might come in contact with while dealing with the waste. These are immensely important to ensure good health standards for the waste pickers and their family members.

At the collection centre, the attendees could grasp a quick understanding by actually seeing how the PPE were used while working thereby creating a healthy and clean work environment for everybody in and around the collection centres.

The attendees and delegates were provided with some refreshments and the event was concluded with distribution of token prizes at the collection centres so as to recognise and appreciate the efforts of the waste collectors who contribute in making the environment healthy and safe each day.