Pollution Control Board Approved Recycler

Plastic waste management is a critical issue. India generates about 15 million tonnes of plastic every year and only 25% of this is recycled.

Nonetheless, India still has an impressive recycling rate compared to the US and that is largely because of the informal sector (rag pickers, kabadiwallas and aggregators) involved in the collection and segregation of plastic waste. A study by a scientist at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) in Pune found that 60-70% of PET bottles are recycled in India largely into polyester fibres that can be used as textiles. Indeed, recycling offers a viable and sustainable option for meeting the country’s growing material demand along with lowering a consumer’s environmental impact.

At Gemcorp, we partner with key stakeholders to collect their waste and recycle it responsibly. We collect -

1. Post-Consumer Waste:

We have 16 collection centres until June 2020, where we segregate PET bottles for recycling. We aim to install 400 bailers at our aggregators by 2022.

On Boarding of Aggregators - Workflow

Identification of Baler Operators
Documents Verification
Finalizing the Machine supplier
Contractual Agreement

Pre-dispatch inspection of the machine
Insurance and Installation
Operator Site Perquisites
Channelizing Business Operations

Identification and Verification of Baler Operators
  • Must have a monthly production capacity of 10 - 15 MT.
  • Field visits and inspects are carried out.
  • Third party verification and background check by KPMG.
  • Transparent evaluation of various profiles to select the most reliable.
Finalising Machine Supplier
  • The selected bailer operator is expected to furnish a set of verified documents.
  • A contractual agreement is signed leading up to selecting the machine supplier.
  • A pre-dispatch inspection is carried out at the supplier’s by Gemcorp and the selected baler operator.

Insurance and Installation
  • The insurance and installation is done by Gemcorp.
  • Trials are conducted and the pre-dispatch inspection form is signed.
  • Once successfully installed, the installation report is signed and stamped by the operator and the engineer.
Operator Site Prerequisites

All Gemcorp operators maintain their documentation at the premises and are supported financially (and with associated training) to meet our stipulated set of prerequisites which include -

  • Enforcing worker compensation policy.
  • Working to ensure behavioural change among their workforce.
  • Ability to conduct training and regular medical/health camps.
  • Ensuring safe potable drinking water at the site.
  • Providing safety gear for workers such as gloves, mask etc.
  • Having a first aid kit and fire extinguisher on the premises.

What we do?

2. Pre-Consumer Waste:

We partner with key e-commerce entities to collect all their waste and recycle it responsibly through our channel partners.

3. Industrial Waste:

We are contracted with some of the biggest industries in India to collect their plastic waste that is then recycled through our network of channel partners.

4. Post-Industrial Waste:

We partner with different industries to responsibly recycle their post-industrial waste through our channel partners.

Work Flow of Pre-Consumer Waste, Industrial Waste and Post-Industrial Waste