Material Recycling Project

From empowering front-line waste warriors to guaranteeing complete traceability, the Gemcorp Material Recycling Project is uniquely positioned to help companies meet their EPR targets and achieve their sustainability goals.

Improving the life of communities, associated with waste collection, is integral to our business. We uplift at least 5 families, associated with waste collection, every week and our goal is to improve the lives of at least 1000 Indian families by 2022.

Along with ensuring a transparent and traceable supply chain, we focus on value generation - training, equipping and assisting our scrap aggregators and waste collectors (rag pickers or reclaimers) by providing them with the requisite tools and know-how needed to double their collection and thus double their revenues.


Recognising the heroes of recycling

Vital yet unrecognised members of the informal economy, Ragpickers or scavengers form the backbone of India’s recycling system collecting, sorting and segregating waste and selling the same to aggregators.

Empowering the workforce

We offer these informal workers helmets, gloves and shoes and train the aggregator, along with extending all support physical and monetary, to implement an employee compensation policy and regular health workshops along with maintaining stipulated standards of health, safety and hygiene on the premises.

Streamlining collection

We ensure capacity building and organisation of plastic waste dealers/aggregators into region-wise focal collection points for segregated plastics. We also educate waste generators such as corporates, complexes etc. and waste aggregators/facilitators.

Facilitating on-site processing

Implementation of safety measures and free of cost installation of bailing and grinding machines at identified waste aggregators’ locations with an aim to install 400 such machines by 2022.

Standarisation of Processes (SOPs)

Aggregators follow SOPs for collection and tracking. The sorted plastics are shredded and bailed to facilitate transportation. Scrap plastic is washed and melted into pellets called nurdles.

Ensuring Transparency via Digitisation

Our mobile-based application will bring all stakeholders across the value chain onto a single platform. Not only will the application serve as an IT marketplace, it will also ensure capacity building and education of waste collectors and aggregators. To see digitization app click here.