Recycling Waste

Collecting and recycling 100,000 tonnes of waste annually

Increased Collection

Increasing the monthly volume of local informal collectors by 4 times

Uplifting Families

Uplifting 10 families weekly involved in unorganized waste collection and segregation

Circular Economy

Facilitating and providing end-to-end circular economy services to multinational brands

GemCorp Recycling & Technologies Private Limited is a subsidiary of Gemini Corporation NV

Established in 2019 in India, GemCorp seeks to strengthen the recycling ecosystem in a fair and equitable way with a strong focus on efficient logistics, provision of finance for working capital, upliftment, education, and on-ground action. The aim is to facilitate the recycling of more than 500,000 tonnes of waste annually by 2025.

Strengthening the value chain through machinery, infrastructure & financial support
Supply Chain Experts
Providing end-to-end transparency & traceability to ensure businesses meet EPR compliance
Collection Services
Partnering with small aggregators to big industries for waste collection
Responsible Recycler
Ensuring that all waste collected is recycled by GemCorp or through PCB certified recyclers