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GemCorp Recycling & Technologies – The Business

Established in 2019, GemCorp seeks to strengthen the recycling ecosystem in a just and equitable manner with a focus on efficient logistics, provision of finance for working capital, upliftment, education, and on-ground action.

GemCorp is aimed at uplifting the lives of waste reclaimers at the grassroots level with complete traceability and transparency across the value chain in India and other developing nations.

GemCorp aims to aid the transition to a circular economy in India by improving the working and living conditions of reclaimers who scavenge plastic waste to find recyclable or reusable materials. GemCorp has touched the lives of more than 1,000 reclaimers and their families in the informal sector in India. GemCorp provides training, timely wages, social security, and recreational activities for families to enhance their lives and prevent child labor, ultimately bringing the reclaimers to an organized environment. GemCorp provided baling machines free of charge to the collection centers, a safe and healthy working environment, government identification, working capital assistance, and other benefits making the waste collection process organized and safer. The top reputed firms audit all its facilities to ensure a transparent and ethical supply chain. GemCorp’s parent company, Gemini Corporation, with its 33 years of expertise in recycling, has helped introduce the best global recycling practices in India through these initiatives.

Furthermore, UniGem, an in-house developed application backed by blockchain, helps in providing end-to-end traceability of the waste collected. UniGem is backed by an ingenuitive financial mechanism to substantially accelerate the collection and segregation of waste in developing economies.

Plastic Recycling

Establishing plastic recycling units to convert post consumer and industrial plastic waste into granules / pellets by mechanical recycling method. It also has a forward integration through its blown film & bag making machines

Metal Processing

Dealing in non-ferrous scrap like zurik, zorba, motors and has a processing unit where segregation of mix metal waste is carried out and the sorted material is sold to end users to recycle and reuse

Waste Management

Dealing in scrap with an intent to reduce waste going into oceans and landfills. GemCorp procures from various brands and recycles the collected waste through partner recyclers

EPR / Plastic Credits

Participating in EPR / Plastic Credits trading to assist Producers, Importers, and Brand Owners to fulfil their recycling obligations and achieve positive
environmental impact

Mr. Navin Kumar Jain has an enriching experience of over 3 decades. He started his career working in accounts and with experience has grown to the roles of key managerial person. Currently, he is heading the operations of the Ahmedabad unit along with overall oversee of the entire organization.
Mr. Navin Kumar Jain
Mr. Vikas Chhajer is a certified ESG Board Director and Steward at the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. Vikas Chhajer is heading the Business Strategy, Sustainability & Technology advancements for the Gemini Group. Vikas spearheaded the project and started ground operations for Gemcorp Recycling & Technologies Private Limited.
Mr. Vikas Chhajer
He has a deep understanding of the Indian business landscape and a proven ability to deliver results and starting new verticals. Siraj is a seasoned operations professional with extensive experience in managing complex projects and driving operational efficiency. He will be instrumental in optimizing our processes and ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional value to our stakeholders. Siraj is a strategic thinker with a clear vision for the future. He is an asset in helping us develop and execute our long-term growth plans. Siraj is a natural leader who inspires and motivates those around him. He is passionate about building high-performing teams and creating a positive work environment.
Mr Siraj Bhattacharya
Chief Operating Officer
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Waste is not waste until it is wasted.
On the contrary, it is a resource full of opportunities.
Surendra Patawari
Chairman, Gemini Corporation NV, Belgium

At GemCorp, we partner with key stakeholders to collect their waste and recycle it responsibly.

We collect:

1. Post-Consumer Waste:
We have 16 collection centers until July 2022 where we segregate PET bottles for recycling. We aim to install 400 bailers at our aggregators by 2022.

2. Pre-Consumer Waste
We partner with crucial e-commerce entities to collect and recycle all their waste responsibly through our channel partners.

3. Industrial Waste:
We are contracted with some of the biggest industries in India to collect their plastic waste, which is then recycled through our network of channel partners.

4. Post-Industrial Waste:
We partner with different industries to responsibly recycle their post-industrial waste through our channel partners.

DSC_9515 (2)
Reduced emission of greenhouse gases by 1.5, 1, 1 kg of CO2e emission for every 1 kg of plastics, metal, and paper recycling respectively
Uplifting 10 families weekly and changing the lives of people involved in unorganized waste collection
Providing proper safety and sanitation at all collection centers
Strict No Child Labour Policy
Establishment of a circular economy by creating a digital marketplace


Environmental Management System
Occupational Health & Safety Management System
Quality Management
Ocean Bound Plastic OBP Neutrality Subprogram
Ocean Bound Plastic Collection Organization
Ocean Bound Plastic Collection Organization
Ocean Bound Plastic Recycling Organization
Ocean Bound Plastic Recycling Organization
Rebound Global Recycled Plastic Exchange
ISCC + (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)
Global Recycled Standard
Recycled Claim Standard
Recycled Claim Standard
Recycled Claim Standard
Global Recycled Standard