End-to-End Circular Economy
Tonnes Collected & Recycled
Families Uplifted
Recycling Units Commissioned
Solving the waste collection issue

More than 1 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated globally daily, equivalent to 2000 truckloads.

At this rate, we will have more than 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste by 2050.

Globally, less than 10% of this will be recycled. The rest will end up in landfills and oceans, entering the food chain as microplastics.

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Circular Economy as a Service (CEaaS)

We give a second life to Plastic, Metal, and Paper.


The Digital Marketplace


Plastic Credit Program

The Company's Approach

The Company’s approach is to empower the front-line waste warriors to guarantee complete traceability. The GemCorp Recycling Project is uniquely positioned to help companies meet their EPR targets and achieve their sustainability goals.

The company believes in improving the life of communities, associated with waste collection and segregation. The company uplifts 10 families weekly. 

Along with ensuring a transparent and traceable supply chain, GemCorp focuses on value generation – training, equipping and assisting the scrap aggregators and waste collectors (rag pickers or reclaimers) by providing them with the requisite tools and know-how needed to double their collection and thus double their revenues.

Our End-to-End Sustainability Promise

Recognising the Heroes of Recycling
Recognising the Reclaimers (who forms the backbone of the recycling system) and rewarding them
Empowering the Workforce
Upskilling the reclaimers by offering proper training, safety, and sanitation and providing them aid by financial and non-financial aid
Streamlining Collection
Ensuring capacity building and organisation of waste dealers/aggregators into region-wise focal collection points for segregated plastics
Facilitating On-site Processing
Installing baling and grinding machines free of cost and implementing safety measures at identified waste aggregator's locations
Standardisation of Processes
Standardising processes and implementing best practices to ensure transparency and smooth operations
Transparency via Digitisation
Bringing all the stakeholders onto a single platform to create a unified and transparent marketplace
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Gemcorp