UNIGEM® – The Digital Marketplace

UNIGEM® – Technology for Circular Economy

GemCorp, in its approach, has thrived to be the pioneers of the recycling industry. This approach has always been combined with the intent to stay ahead in this dynamic business world.

To assist in bringing transparency across the recycling industry, GemCorp has moved towards technology and has developed the UniGem platform based on Blockchain technology.

UniGem platform has been designed to act as technology backed recycle program and provide Circular economy as a service. It provides a marketplace for EPR & Plastic Credits with complete traceability of sourcing of waste and their recycling information. The blockchain system provides QR based tracking system and unique hash keys to identify and ensure that the integrity & reliability of the waste collection and recycling data and confirms the circular loop.

GemCorp holds the trademark rights to UNIGEM®.

NO FEES: Anyone can sign up using their mobile number. Post to a registration, GemCorp will authorize you to transact or trade in the APP.
SELLER: As an aggregator of recyclable materials, you can sell your material on the platform.
BUYER: Buy all types of recyclable materials from anywhere in the country. Your purchases are quality assured.
EPR - Extended Producer Responsibility: Buy credits that can fulfill your applicable EPRs, from various carefully formulated Zones.
TRACEABILITY: Trace the source of the materials from the aggregator to the end recycler; GemCorp employs a state-of-the-art system to bring you the level of detailed traceability you never imagined.
PROCURE MACHINES: We are a one-stop solution for all your operational machines’ needs related to recycling. Our Machines are certified.