Baling Project

Baling Project:

The recycling industry in India is highly unorganized, with many of its actors still working in informal and precarious conditions. GemCorp is trying to organize the sector by establishing specific minimum standards for its partners.

GemCorp identifies aggregators to partner with. After the background check and verification process, GemCorp provides them with Baling Machines at zero investment. In return, GemCorp agrees with them to purchase a monthly minimum quantity of waste at prevailing market rates and places.

The terms and conditions followed by aggregators are as below:
• Aggregators must maintain a register of waste pickers from whom the waste is collected
• They must ensure payments are made to waste pickers through banking channels
• They must ensure all their employees are covered under the social benefits program of the government
• They must ensure they employ NO CHILD LABOUR

By engaging with more intermediaries, GemCorp organizes the sector and produces a win-win-win situation, where the company wins by securing more input, the intermediaries win through a free baler machine and secure monthly sale contracts for their output, and waste pickers win by being identified and by being included in GemCorp’s Reclaimers Outreach Program.