Reclaimers Outreach Program

Reclaimers Outreach Program

It is estimated that there are around 4 million waste pickers in India, who make a living from picking up, cleaning, sorting and segregating recyclable waste to finally sell it to intermediaries with which companies like GemCorp engage for the procurement of their raw materials.

This work is vital for the recycling industry; however, pickers do their work in precarious and informal conditions. Most of these workers are women or children, with no access to social security, employee protection, and being frequently harassed by the police and municipalities.

GemCorp recognized the importance of the work waste pickers do and is committed to improve their living and working conditions.

Through its associated baler facilities, the company identifies the waste collectors and their families, provide them with monthly groceries and toys for their children.

In addition, GemCorp is committed to improving the working conditions of waste aggregators by providing better infrastructure and training and ensuring they have proper IDs, bank accounts, and social security benefits.